Hersheys Ice Cream - School Nutrition Action Program. Initiative for healthier dessert choices for schools.
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  S.T.A.N.D. is designed to:
• Help you meet your state’s wellness program guidelines
Hersheys Ice Creamfor ice cream
• Provide free equipment based on a school’s specific needs
• Save time and money, we have the products and spec
Hersheys Ice Creamsheets you need to fulfill your state's requirements
• Satisfy students and school staff
• Increase meal purchases and maximize a la carte sales
Hersheys Ice Creamand profits
A group of happy students giving the thumbs up.
  Hershey’s S.T.A.N.D. — Something for everyone.
Hershey's Ice Cream is a member of the School Nutrition Association.
Hershey's Ice Cream Hershey's Ice Cream

While every state’s guidelines are different, Hershey’s Ice Cream has products that allow total customizing of your school’s program. From our Wellness Products to our Lower Fat alternatives, to our Indulgent Treats, we can help tailor product selections
to fit your specific needs and requirements.

We even offer FREE freezer equipment (based on volume) as well as FREE
marketing support
to promote your offerings to students and staff, bringing you
more sales! But most importantly, we offer Hershey’s quality based on more than
115 years of manufacturing the best ice cream products available. So don’t settle
for regular or generic ice cream, go with Hershey’s Premium Ice Cream products!

Hersheys Ice Cream S.N.A.P. Quality Service
Herhseys Ice Cream S.N.A.P. FREE Equipment
Herhseys Ice Cream S.N.A.P. FREE Marketing Support
Hersheys Ice Cream S.N.A.P. Download Our Brochure
Hershey's Ice Cream
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