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Hershey's® Ice Cream's territory stretches from
Maine to Florida and west to the Mississippi River.
Additionally, we are constantly expanding the areas we
serve. If you are looking for a career in a fast-paced
environment and working with fun products, we would
love to hear from you. Come grow with Hershey
Creamery Company®!

Hershey's® Ice Cream is manufactured by the Hershey Creamery Co. We are not
affiliated with Hershey's Chocolate. The Hershey Creamery Company has been in
business since 1894 and are proud producers of ice cream and ice cream novelties.

We serve over 28,000 locations including parlors, restaurants, healthcare, K-12
schools and colleges/universities. We also serve other non-traditional sites such as
campgrounds and amusement parks to name a few.

We have 30 locations that sell and distribute our ice cream products. Each of
these branches have their own need for personnel. If you are looking for
employment and enjoy ice cream, please continue on and check out the exciting
careers that currently exist within our organization.

Please explore the links above to learn more about the great benefits of working
for the Hershey Creamery Company.

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