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Get creative with Hershey's® Ice Cream Slices!!

Hershey's® Slices are some of the most easy and delicious ways to make an ordinary
dessert extraordinary! Our slices are individually wrapped pieces of either vanilla or neapolitan
ice cream. Need a little inspiration on how to serve our Slices? Just check the easy-to-do
recipes below!

Vanilla Slice
Place on plate, drizzle on
your favorite sauce, then
top with whipped cream
and a cherry!
Brownie topped with Vanilla Slice
Drizzle plate with caramel
sauce, place brownie on top,
then add Slice and drizzle with
sauce. Add your toppings!

Waffle topped with Neapolitan Slice
Cut Slice in half and place on
a waffle. Drizzle on your favorite
sauce and then top it off with
whipped cream and a cherry.
Neapolitan Slice
Hershey's® Slices are the
perfect way to spice up any
party. Just remove from the
freezer and serve!
Vanilla and Neapolitan Slices