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Historical black and white photo of an original Hershey's® Ice Cream truck.
Hershey Creamery Company was founded in 1894 by Jacob and his four brothers, Isaac,
Ephraim, Paris and Eli Hershey (no relation to Milton S. Hershey of the Hershey Company).
The ice cream production plant was constructed in 1926 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on
Cameron Street where it's been ever since!

A Family Business

"Our success has been based on an uncomplicated theme. We use sound business practices,
quality ingredients and value each and every employee of our company. Happy employees do
the best jobs. We see making work pleasant and productive as one of the goals of doing business."

-George H. Holder, Sr. - President
Black and white historical Hershey's® photos. Our philosophy still remains the same!
Hershey Creamery Company owns and operates our own distribution system. What this
means to you is "Full Service" from your ice cream supplier. But what do we mean by "full service"?

Full Service Means:
  1. We rotate and stock all products for you.

  2. Our Hershey's®-owned delivery trucks guarantee Hershey's Ice Cream products will be fresh and
    cold every time.

  3. You get what you order!

  4. Hershey's® dedicated route staff will put away the Hershey's® ice cream for you!

  5. Special deliveries, or multiple deliveries per week, Hershey's Ice Cream may be scheduled as needed.

All of the above saves you time and money!
Man with dish of ice cream. Interested in selling Hershey's® Ice Cream?
The Hershey Creamery Company's mission is to not only be a great example of a fine
producer of top quality ice cream within our industry, but also a model of excellence in
how we treat our employees, our customers and our consumers.