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Smiling man handing an ice cream cone to a customer. Bulk ice cream like it's always been made.
Since 1894 Hershey's® has been making premium bulk ice cream. We've changed very little since.
We still focus on using REAL ingredients to make REAL ice cream, creating REAL smiles!
Hershey's® has several different types of bulk product for reselling. From our top-of-the-line
Premium Gold, to our Select line, sherbets, sorbets and yogurts, we have it all.

You can mix and match our offerings for even more variety. More variety means attracting and
pleasing more types of customers.

Speaking of variety, we currently produce 65 flavors of bulk premium ice cream, 23 flavors of
Premium Gold bulk, five flavors of reduced fat and two flavors of no sugar added bulk ice cream.

We also give you more scoops per can of REAL ice cream than other companies. More scoops
means more profit! Explore the items below to learn more. Also, please look at our current
bulk flavor brochure by clicking here.
Two ice cream cones, each stacked with scoops of chocolate ice cream. Premium Gold Ice Cream.
Hershey’s® Premium Gold Ice Cream is the very best we offer. Premium Gold (more butterfat) is
regarded as the highest quality of ice cream on the market, and because of its richness, serving
this product will distance you from the competition. These products are chock full of the goodies like
more nuts, more candies and fruit, more syrup.

We currently produce 23 mouth-watering, rich and creamy flavors or Premium Gold. Best of all most
are gluten free!

If you desire to sell only the best then you can do no better than Hershey's® Premium Gold Ice Cream.
As a retailer, serving Premium Gold allows you to set a higher retail price as well.

Happy family laughing and eating ice cream cones. Premium Ice Cream.
Hershey's® Premium Ice Cream is known for its wonderful blend of taste and texture, and
lower amount of overrun. Our Premium ice cream is viewed as the optimum product to
serve for any occasion.

Our vast flavor selection (65 flavors!) of Premium hand-dipped ice cream lets you choose
a great variety of flavors to serve to your customers based on your demographics and location.
You can even promote the fact that the majority are gluten free!

By combining our Premium Ice Cream with our Premium Gold, you can have a wide range of
flavors and different price points to suit any customer.

Scoop of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream in a bowl. Select Ice Cream.
Our Tally Ho Farms Real Ice Cream is great for buffets and all-you-can-eat venues! It helps you
get more bang for your buck by giving your customers the taste they want at a lower cost
to you!

Tally Ho Farms Real Ice Cream has a great taste that will keep your customers coming back for more.
This will build your sales and put more money in your pocket! The variety of ice cream choices
from Vanilla to Birthday Party will satisfy every craving.

More selection means more sales and profits for you!

Scoop of lemon sherbet. Sherbet, sorbet and frozen yogurt.
Considered the “lighter side of Hershey's®," our comprehensive line of sherbets, sorbets, and
frozen yogurt give you even more opportunities for variety and profit.

Hershey's® bulk sherbets and sorbets are tangy, refreshing, fruity, low-fat treats that are full in flavor.
We offer five delicious sherbet flavors to choose from and two great sorbets for a perfect after
dinner treat!

Combine Hershey's® sorbet with our yogurt flavors and you have a great offering of no-fat dessert
options for your patrons.

Tropical view with Hershey's® frozen drinks. Fresh Fusion frozen drinks.
No bulk ice cream sales are complete without a great drink program to pair with it. Frozen drinks are a
sales category on the rise.

You’ll enjoy more profits by selling our Fresh Fusion frozen drinks. Offer premium milkshakes, smoothies,
frozen coffee drinks and more!

To learn more about our Fresh Fusion drink program, please visit our Fresh Fusion website by clicking here.