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Smiling man handing an ice cream cone to a customer. Bulk ice cream like it's always been made.
Hershey's® packaged ice cream items are some of the best you can buy. Millions of Hershey's®
fans buy our scrounds, pints and pre-made cakes every day.

Our own distribution system of trucks delivers our product daily and on time. We even put the
items away for you! You will not find a better and more complete ice cream system around.

To learn more about the our tasty packaged items we carry, just click on the links above or keep
scolling this page.
WOman smiling with giant bowl of ice cream. Premium 1.5 quart scround containers.
Hershey's® Ice Cream offers 34 flavors of our delciious premium ice cream and
sherbet in 1.5 quart scound containers. We give your customers plenty of reasons
to buy!

To learn more about our 1.5 quart scound containers, view our complete catalog here.

Smiling woman eating a pint of Hershey's® Ice Cream. Premium round pints.
If your customers crave variety, you can’t do any bertter than offering some of the many
38 Hershey's® Premium Round pints that we make. Each pint is filled with 16 ounces of
our great tasting ice cream and busting with inclusions. Best of all they cost a lot less
than other premium pints. This means more sales and profit for you!

To learn more about each of our Premium Round pints, view our complete catalog here.

Pre-made ice cream cakes.
If your customers desire a good ice cream at a lower price, then why not stock
our Tally Ho pints? Tally Ho pints come in Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream,
Strawberry and Vanilla flavors. A great addition to increase the price range of
items you stock.

Scoop of lemon sherbet. Sherbet, sorbet and frozen yogurt.
Sell products that are good for every day special occasions: Ice Cream cakes!
These pre-made cakes come in sheet and seven inch round versions.

Made with delicious Hershey's® Ice Cream these are the perfect addition to
your store’s packaged items.

To learn more about each of our pre-made cakes, view our complete catalog here.