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Scoops of delicious Hershey's® Ice Cream. We're your perfect dining partner.
You're proud of the food you serve, but what about your dessert selection? Serving Hershey's® Ice Cream
will ensure that your customers will return again and again. Our history with dining establishments
proves that.

Hershey's® will train your staff in the art of upselling desserts to your customers and show you how to use
Point-of-Sale materials to help increase your check averages. Plus, customized marketing and P.O.S.
materials to allow you to promote your ice cream program at minimal to NO COST to you. Additionally, our
Fresh Fusion frozen drink program will separate your business from the competition.

We have programs for: If you are looking to boost your dessert sales and offer what your competition doesn't, please call us at
888-240-1905 or Contact Us!!
Smiling girl at buffet with ice cream on her plate. We serve well at buffets.
Create an exciting dessert program to lure people away from menu items that are high cost to you with the
Hershey's® Ice Cream Buffet Program.

Hershey's® innovative Buffet Carts will help you reduce clean up time and maintenance costs. Additionally, you
can serve Hershey's® Ice Cream by the ounce. This assures that you will not undercharge and as a result,
will help you maximize your profits!

Hershey's® low cost dessert items give you an advantage over your competition's high cost dessert line.
We give you options your customers will love that help keep yout food costs down.

With over 100 Hershey's® Ice Cream flavors to choose from, you will be able to cater to the preference of
your customers.

Man and baby at a restuarant with dish of ice cream. We're all about family.
Hershey's® Point-of-Sale and wait-staff training will teach your staff how to upsell your Ice Cream Program and
increase your check averages to increase the profitability of any family dining establishment.

Our "overweight", heavier ice cream can gives you more dips per can, lowering your food cost.

Serving Hershey's® Ice Cream at your restaurant will instantly grow your dessert sales and attract customers
who already love the Hershey's® brand name and products.

With our equipment and marketing support, you can be up and running serving Hershey's® Ice Cream in no time at all.
After that, you'll enjoy the convenience and profits. Contact us today!

Woman sipping on a Hershey's® frozen drink. Fast food and ice cream go hand in hand.
With Hershey's® expert training, your staff will learn how to upsell your Ice Cream Program to your customers.
Our Fresh Fusion frozen drink program will separate your business from your competition.

Hershey's® will also train your personnel in the proper use of our P.O.P. for maximum exposure and increased
per check averages.

Hershey's® Fresh Fusion Smoothies, milkshakes, frozen drinks and other customized dessert concepts will
enchance your dining atmosphere and attract new customers by always offering them something new!