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Group of graduates. Come learn from the education experts.
Hershey's® Ice Cream is sold in over 13,000 K-12 schools and more than 600 colleges and
universities. These schools have chosen Hershey's® as their ice cream program of choice.

Our expertise in the K-12 nutritional guidelines and the challenges they face helped us
to form our nation leading, Smart Snacks in Schools Program. You can learn all about our
specialized school program by visiting our Smart Snacks in Schools website here.

Hershey's® vast experience with colleges and universities stems from the fact that
we currently serve so many. Many of these locations sell Hershey's® products in several
areas of their campuses. So if you are considering a switch, or looking to start an ice
cream program at your school, contact the Hershey's® Education Experts today!

To learn more about our educational expertise, check out these links:
College students on campus with Hershey's® Ice Cream products. Higher profits for higher education.
Hershey's® Ice Cream is proud to be the one company with the most Smart Snacks in Schools approved items in the
country. We take childhood obesity seriously and our Smart Snacks Program proves that.

With over 25 items and growing, our list of great tasting, healthier for you school items are helping schools become
profitable. They are also helping to reduce waste as well as increase participation in thousands of schools everywhere.

To learn more about our program, please visit our Smart Snacks in Schools pages and website.

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Children in class. We are the K-12 dessert experts.
Fill every students dessert desire! From smoothies to milkshakes to a cornucopia of flavors to dip from.
Increase capture rates, sell more meal plans. Become a late night destination point for safe fun and socializing.
Let Mom and Dad treat their student to a delicious ice cream cake!

From premium, hand-dipped ice cream to a freezer full of delicious novelties, Hershey's® provides so many ways
to make your school's dessert options profitable. And most recently we introduced our Shake Shop Express
program that has been a huge hit on college campuses.

Our vast experience at serving hundreds of colleges and universities assures you that we can set up the optimal
program for you.