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Happy couple grocery shopping. We are a perfect retail partner.
When it comes to retailing ice cream products, no one has you covered like Hershey's®
Ice Cream! Our equipment program saves you money. Hershey's® premium products will
keep customers coming back again and again.

With the addition of superior customer service, our own delivery system and industry
leading P.O.P., you have a complete ice cream program that is fun, easy and profitable.

Join the thousands of locations that are selling Hershey's® scrounds, round pints,
cakes and/or our delicious novelties today!

Click below to learn more about our retail expertise:
View of a Convenient Store. Make buying ice cream more convenient.
Turn your counter into a profit center with Hershey's® Ice Cream. Hershey's® Point-of-Sale
materials will guide customers to your freezers and increase impulse sales.

Hershey's® has the largest selection of grab-n-go products on the market. Give your
customers what no one else can! You'll be able to offer price points from 35¢ to $5. Plus gain
even more sales with our Shake Shop Express do-it-yourself, frozen drink machine.

We have a wealth of experience with setting up and servicing C-stores. Let our experts
help you with equipment placement, product selection, delivery and rotation. We do the
work, you make the profits!

Happy mother and children grocery shopping. Hershey's®, a super decision for your supermarket.
Hershey's® full line of scrounds, pints, sherbets and ice cream cakes provides you with a highly
profitable and complete ice cream program. Because quality and variety sell, we offer our
scrounds of ice cream in more than thirty different flavors.

We have Point-of-Sale materials specifically designed for supermarkets that will help increase
impulse sales with your shoppers.

It doesn't matter how large or small your chain stores are. Hershey's® own delivery system
and our own delivery trucks make sure that you have the product you need, on time and fresh.