Hershey's Ice Cream: Smart Snacks in Schools. In conjunction with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.School Nutrition Association.

Little girl smiling in classroom. A complete wellness program for schools.
We know that healthy eating contributes to every aspect of a child's life.

Every day, more and more statistics are released that stress the importance of proper nutritional
alternatives for school kids of all ages. As a result, we created our Smart Snacks in Schools Program.
We offer the largest number of Smart Snack approved snack/dessert items in the country. These
items not only meet the Smart Snacks guidelines, but also taste great! We would like you to meet
the "new" Hershey's® Ice Cream products. We affectionately call them "N'ice cream for kids!"

At Hershey's® Ice Cream, we fully understand the challenges faced by all schools to provide tasty
options that satisfy nutritional guidelines, but also products that will sell and provide profit
opportunities for schools as well. Our complete program does that and aids schools in reducing waste
while increasing lunchtime participation.

To learn why thousands of K-12 schools have already signed on to our program, explore the links above.
To access the Healthier Generation Product Calculator click here.