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Get to know the new Hershey's products for schools.
You probably didn't know that Hershey's® Ice Cream is leading the nation in the number of dessert
products that meet the new Smart Snacks in Schools requirements. At Hershey's®, we understand
the importance of making dessert items that meet the national wellness guidelines but still have the
great taste that kids love. We also understand the importance of making these items affordable to
schools so they can have a profitable lunch and snack program. Best of all, our complete line of
products allows schools K-12 to increase their lunch and snack participation and reduce waste.

If you are not familiar with our new Smart Snack items, get to know the new Hershey's® products
by clicking here.
Smart Snacks in Schools. In conjunction with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Member School Nutrition Association